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Word To The Wise If You Are Web Design Developer

Are you finding yourself in a position saying to yourself, my goodness why are all of my client’s getting rich and I am still working my butt off doing the same thing every day? If you are a web developer and are so good at what you do? Then why don’t you stop serving clients? You are reading this and have just been struck by lightning because you haven’t thought of this yet or maybe you have but you just haven’t put a solid plan together.

I have one question for you. “If you are so darn good at producing professional websites and making them successful, why haven’t you built an empire of your own?”

It’s simple. You never set a goal. You must first have a goal; tell yourself “I am ready to be successful.”

Success can be defined in many different ways, the way you define success is the first step. If you define success by running a web development business and pleasing your clients and you make 15% of the gross sale per job and it covers just enough to pay your utility and mortgage bill then that’s it, you are successful and that’s all you will ever need.

Or if success for you is, running your own web development business, expanding to 30 employees by the end of the month, opening a call center to take all of the call’s pouring in for web development and there are so many call’s to take you don’t think you will ever get to them all, then this can be your definition of success for you too.

First step is to define success

Second you will need to wake up and smell the coffer. Realize that you have been the one sitting across this table you are at now and helping and watching all of your client’s get rich quick because you can.

Third, you will need to find something of your own to marketing, and develop for yourself since you are so good at it.

Fourth, thank me for sending the lightning bolt to your address

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