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Web Design – Skip Intro

There are two words that I come across on the web that tend to draw the same response as a telemarketer or spam. These two words tend to be a distraction to me on a very personal level and often feel like I am wasting my time.

Skip Intro

This little notice shows up on sites that include flash and video elements when you access their opening page.

Perhaps I shouldn’t find this problematic. There are lots of wonderfully produced sites that include a dynamic opening that is both memorable and tastefully done. However, just like spam messages in my inbox, there are an equal number of these opening screens that are distracting and do nothing to endear me to these online businesses.

I suppose I am simply one among the many who simply want to get to the business of doing business without the formality of an over the top opening page.

On a positive note, these types of opening pages can be very well done and provide a meaningful welcome and introduction to a company. The problem tends to be that many consumers often feel as if they are play flash roulette. They know it’s coming, but they have no idea if it will be worth their time, and they generally suspect it is not. Too often they are not disappointed.

When this mentality if prevalent the back button is often the most desired option in dealing with the longing to save time and patience.

Really this scenario is sad. After all, a business has spent time and money in web design options and the end result may not be as appreciated as they would like. In fact, this design element could potentially result in fewer conversions from visitor to customer.

It could be that a web developer is pitching the idea of an elaborate flash design for your opening page. A better idea may be to develop any elaborate pages after your primary design is complete.

When it comes to web design you can develop your own site using site builder software at a fraction of a web developers fee. This option allows you to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Then if you want to add frills you can revisit the topic. You ultimately save money in the short term, may find a better conversion rate in the long term, and no one will need to skip the intro.

Sometimes a straightforward approach is a powerful sales tool.

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